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How I Save Money On Nicorette

When you are trying to quit smoking the last thing you want is more stress, and the price of Nicorette is something that many people may worry about as it does cost more than a pack of smokes, but in the end it will save your health and your money! One way that I have found that REALLY helped me a lot when quitting smoking with Nicorette was to buy it online. I checked out a few places to buy and some of them were pretty shady, but this one I will share with you was perfect. It is a well known website and they even offer free shipping to most of the states. I usually would buy a few packs at once so I did not run out to quickly.

Sweet Deal on Nicorette!

If you visit this page you will find a tonne of good deals on Nicorette, the site offers gum, patches, lozenges of all different strengths. If you see a good deal I recommend stocking up and buying in bulk because the deals and prices fluctuate. I usually buy 3 or more packs and shop around a bit for other things as well, there is free shipping on any order over $25 and you can pretty much buy anything on the site.

How Nicorette Patches Work

How Nicorette Patches Work

A Nicorette Patch will look like a large size band-aid. Generally, the patches with the higher strength will come in much larger sizes than the weaker ones. Continue reading to find how Nicorette patches work if you want to quit smoking.
The patch would be applied to the surface of your skin where it will discharge restricted amount of nicotine transdermally to the body during a period of sixteen hours. The purpose of this is to lessen the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and the craving for cigarettes.
This patch must be put on dry, hairless and clean areas of the body, which is generally below the neck and above the waist. Perhaps the most popular spot for the patch is the upper arm, but there other possible spots such as the hip, back, upper thigh, side or front of the chest. You should not place the patch on a spot where the skin is inflamed, broken or fragile. Do not apply the patch to the exact same spot two days consecutively. By switching the spot where you put the patch this will reduce your chances of having a localized irritation.
When applying the patch, you can run your fingers over the edge and press it onto the skin for around ten seconds to ensure that it stays in place. In case a patch falls off, it is advisable to get rid of it carefully and change it to new one that is clean and dry. Once you apply the patch, ensure that you wash your hands so that you are not transfering any surplus nicotine to your nose or eyes. Avoid the use of soap when you are doing this since soap might increase the absorption of nicotine.
It is advisable to just use one patch at any given time. Additionally, you must not try to cut the patch to lessen its strength since they’re not made to be used in this way. In case you need to use a much weaker strength, it is best to buy it accordingly.
The patch will only release nicotine gradually into your body so it will take some time to work. The self-administered NRT’s, like the inhaler or gum, could be used during the start of your nicotine cravings like a cigarette replacement to get fairly fast relief, but the patches will take some amount of patience since the nicotine can take as much as 3 hours to enter the blood stream.
However, the patch can be worn throughout the day and all of them last for 16 hours, which is much longer than any of the other products that would give instant gratification. Similar to other NRT solutions, Nicorette Patches gives sufficient nicotine to the body for it to address cravings without having to expose you to any harmful side effects of the cigarettes.
Now that you know how Nicorette patches work, you go ahead and buy the strength that you need to quit smoking.


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